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self-service laundromat

Self-Service Laundry


About us

Cooper Laundry has a variety of washers and dryers in many sizes to accommodate any need. We strive to create a safe, pleasant environment to do your laundry, with accommodations such as flat screen televisions and free WiFi.  Our brand new equipment is so efficient that we can usually get you in and out in no more than an hour and a half, with most customers completing their laundry within an hour.  It is of upmost importance to the Cooper Laundry team to maintain a clean, bright, and welcoming place to do your laundry.


We are so excited for Cooper Laundry to revamp this laundromat and get it back to its former glory!  We can't wait for them to open!

          - Amy B.

Cooper Laundry is so clean and bright.  Laundry day is the worst, but at least we have a nice place to come and do wash now. 

          - Mark V.

The new machines wash and dry my clothes so fast.  It is so nice that I don't have to sit around for over two hours just waiting for my laundry to be done.  I was able to finish my load in under an hour!

          - Jenny A.

Free Community Wash Day

Make sure to keep an eye out for our Free Community Wash Day.  We offer Free Community Wash Day every so often on Saturday's as a thank you to the community for their business and support.  Check back soon!


No deals at this time. 


We are officially open for business.  Come in and see us!